A lot of bloggers decide to get rid of their bio page on their blog, but i just think, whats the point of reading a blog if you don’t know who’s writing it? Blogs can be pretty personal, and id like my readers to know a little about me before reading my posts. I mean, I’m not FORCING you to, but, oh just read it… please?😛

Im not going to keep you here all day stating useless facts, i don’t want you to fall asleep! But anyways, heres a little about me.

Okay, now i’ll get on with it…..

So my name is Sophie, if you hadn’t already guessed. My middle name is Grace, and i decided not to use my last name on any of my social media because basically, i HATE it😂 Im 20 years old, and i live in a place called Essex in England. Id love to say London, but unfortunately not.😂 I live with my mum, and my girlfriend Sureena, in a small little village that no one EVER knows, its in the middle of the country side, basically the end of the world. Ive been with my girlfriend Sureena for almost two years now. If you want to know a little more about Sureena and I, you can check out my Girlfriend Tag post! That was fun, even though i spent like an hour spell checking and properly punctuating Sureena’s part, she was not happy, but I’m a neat freak, i can’t help it!😂

I decided to make a blog because i love sharing my experiences. I also have a youtube channel, that i barely post on, because i feel like i come across better in writing. Looking good in front of a camera is NOT my forte😂 I am a lover of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, isn’t everyone, but i want to make this blog a little different. I want to be relatable, i don’t want my blog to look so scripted with perfect pictures and quirky quotes, i want to be myself! I want to post out of focus pictures, and stupid jokes and super gay comments. Im not here to become famous, or just collab with brands and make money. Im here to relate to YOU. Share my experiences in life, whether it is about travel, food, or just a long ass post about anxiety or how england is bloody FREEZING even in May. Im not going to try to be someone I’m not, i want to be here for YOU! On that note, feel free to go on my contact page, send me an email, give me a follow on social media, or just have a read of my posts. Lets be stupid together!

Thanks for reading a WHOLE load of useless info, i appreciate it! But i hope you get a little feel of how i am as a person, and the kind of stuff I’m going to be posting☺️

I’ll see you in my next one!
💋💋 Soph