Vintage Store Haul!

So i recently went to my first vintage sale! How exciting! I see people go to these a lot, and it has always interested me, but i when i think ‘vintage sale’ i think ‘crowds of people fighting over the last lakers themed tank top’ and that puts me off completely. But when i saw that there was one coming up near me, i thought, what the heck, lets risk it!

And its safe to say, i was completely off. Everyone was nice, there was no pushing or shoving, just loads of people wading through cute, vintage items. I literally couldn’t have been MORE wrong. I don’t know what i was worried about! Even if there was a chance to go to a bigger event, in a more mid located place, i would probably still take the risk, even my mum enjoyed herself!

So i actually went to a ‘Vintage Warehouse Clearance Sale’ -which was hosted by Latham Street Vintage in their Southend on Sea Warehouse. EVERYTHING WAS FIVE POUNDS. FIVE. If you know me, you know that i LIVE for a bargain, i will always hunt for bargains, and in this case, i most definitely found it!

Latham Street Vintage have warehouses all over the UK, so if you would like to find their events, head to their website to see when there is one near you!

SO, i thought i would show you a few of the things i bought, FOR A FIVER.

One of the first things i saw was a whole load of denim waistcoats and jackets. And being plus size i didn’t think i would find one that would fit me, broad shoulders are a CURSE. But literally the first one i picked up fitted perfectly, so that was a result!

The waistcoat was originally from a store called Vero Moda. Its in perfect condition, with not a mark on it. I would probably wear it more in the summer as it is FREEZING right now, but I’m liking the denim and yellow look.

The next item i bought, i wasn’t sure about at first due to the fit. Its a button up collared shirt, but with kind of a fit and flare at the waist, well, supposedly the waist, but more like the under boob in my case! It has elastic which sucks you in and then flares out a little underneath, but i found that because there was buttons above and below the elastic and not on it, it gaped a little, so i had to get a little creative, start a new trend, if you like.

Not what i would usually go for, but instead of wearing the shirt the way you’re supposed to, i decided to tie it. I know what you’re thinking… thats a pretty big gap in the middle, but if you’re facing big boob energy like i am, its not going to get any narrower than that, plus, its still PG13, we’re all good!

AND see the brand? TOMMY HILFIGER! I have always loved a bit of Tommy, and with that price, you can’t go wrong!

Last but not least, the final thing i bought was this gorg bomber jacket.

The sleeves are leather look, and are like VELVET on the inside, theres no doubt about me being warm this winter! Not sure where this bomber is from, but there is the same badge on the back as on the front, but enlarged, and it says ‘Varsity Club 68’ – if you know what or where that is, let me know! Once again, completely faultless, other than the cuffs being a little grubby which is understandable, all it needs is a little scrub, and it’ll be as good as new!

As well as these items, i also bought a few other things that unfortunately were too small, so they are currently looking for their new forever home on my depop – 

I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post, make sure to check out Latham Street Vintage in the link above if you are interested in going to a sale. If you’re an Essex gal like me, i think the next sale in our area is Chelmsford!

Have you ever bought any cool vintage items? Where is your favourite vintage store? Let me know in the comments! And make sure to scroll down and click my socials if you’re interested in seeing my face more often 🙂

DISCLAIMER – This post was NOT sponsored, i personally just wanted to show you my new clothes, and my new hobby.

Happy Shopping!


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