The LGBT+ Tag!


Here’s to the Queers! Wow, that sounds much better than just saying hello😋

It me, I’m back, with a SUPER GAY post for my SUPER GAY readers, why not come back with a puff of rainbow smoke?🌈

I was looking through my previous posts earlier, and realised that, so far, i only have one post in my LGBTQIA+ category, and that is no where near enough! Also, i have never really explained my sexuality and my entrance into the queer-asphere on my social media, so i thought id be totally lazy and use a tag i found on google instead of going into some major meaningful story, yay procrastination!

What do you identify as? – I identify as gay/lesbian. Gender fluidity is also something i relate to, but not something i tend to go into due to it being confusing to everyone who does not relate😂 But i do use she/her pronouns, just what I’m more comfortable with really, but its different for different people!

How did you discover your sexuality? – I wouldn’t really call it a discovery, more like a sudden epiphany😂 I think i have always had an inkling; and when i was in the middle of high school, the inkling just kind of got stronger, more of a “why do i look at girls the same way i look at guys?” I came out as bisexual first but after a few years and NOT a lot of thinking… dudes were a no no 😛. 

Who was the first person you told? – Im not really too sure who was first, but its between two people, whilst in year 12 at school, and we kind of all came out to each other, at some point we all realised we were having the same thoughts and it brought us really close. We aren’t as close anymore, but it was really comforting to know you’re not alone at that point in your life. As for other people who found out along the way, well, some of them were not as comforting.

Describe what it was like coming out – As i said above, some were not that happy. Not that its ANY of their business😂, but i live in a very small town, to be frank, its full of straight, white people, most, very conservative. So other than myself, my girlfriend and a few of our friends, its safe to say we are the only gays in the village. My girlfriend, Sureena, being Indian and a beautiful shade of golden brown, also didn’t seem to go down that well, which now we both find hilarious, but at first it was not the nicest of welcomes to say the least! My family are very accepting, which for some reason, was the complete opposite to what i thought they would be like, so I’m very thankful!

What is one question you hate people asking about your sexuality? – Not a question, more a statement. I think you know what I’m going to say already.

“Well, you don’t look…GAY”

Like sit your stereotypical ASS DOWN and realise that you get both feminine and masculine lesbians, also gender fluid and non-binary gays. Like call me a femme lesbian if you like, a bloody lipstick lesbian if you REALLY want but saying i look straight? Cant judge a book by its cover hunny not in 2018😛

Whats your favorite thing about the LGBT community? – Everything about our community is wonderful. You get the odd discriminates between the groups sometimes, but the positive support out weighs all that. Its all about equality, not just sexual equality, but race, gender, body, WE ARE ALL EQUALS YA HEAR😇 Plus, gay twitter is the most blissful community you will ever lay your eyes on. You gotta be in it to believe it. (follow me twitter @s0phiexgrace – my actual account got locked by twitter because they thought i was under the age of 13 so its my back up😂)

Have you ever been to a gay bar? – Y E S. I have been to G-A-Y in London and that was fabulous, and also a few pubs, but they are very rare where i am from, and in my closest town, ‘gay night’ is on a Sunday, very offensive if you ask me😂 

Who is your favorite LGBT Icon/Advocate/Celebrity? – Oh jeez, i have a few. Going to be very stereotypical here and say Ruby Rose. There was a little controversy when she first become famous because all the gays were saying that “she was turning straight girls gay” -but i ASSURE you, i was extremely gay before i knew who she was, and i still am😂 I like Ruby because she knows what she stands for, she is also a gender fluid icon, and also very easy on the eye if i may say so😍 Also the fab five from QueerEye, they are all beautiful and extremely talented. If you have never seen QueerEye, its on Netflix, and its 5 guys who makeover straight guys. Hair, style, lifestyle, even their cooking habits and their homes. This may sound stupid, but there is still a huge stigma between gay guys and straight guys, and to see a straight guy, usually of the older generation, be so grateful and accepting of 5 gay guys is literally HEARTWARMING. If you have noticed this also please comment below and tell me I’m not the only one.😂 

Have you been in a relationship and how did you meet? – Yes i am in a relationship right now, 1 year and 8 months to be exact right now, with my girl Sureena. And we met… on Tinder okay bye.

Have you ever faced discrimination? – In a word, yes, whether your gay, bi, trans, black, white, asian, skinny, curvy, there will always be people who are disrespectful, and in some ways i couldn’t even imagine what kind of discrimination people go through, but when it comes to LGBT, I’ve had my fair share. For example, we was out shopping in a town close by, Sureena and I were walking down the high street when a car drives past and shouts ‘rug munchers’ at us out of his window, so that was very gracious of him, and it was safe to say i wanted to stick a lit match stick in his petrol tank, but luckily Sureena talked me out of it.😉 Thats a very light offence, i shall not get into the heavier for your own sakes!

Your Favorite LGBT movie or show? – ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. Of course, but i was disappointed with the lack of lesbians i saw in the last season. Like no one wants to see Caputo and Fig doing it… RIGHT?! I also liked The L Word but they took it off of netflix before i could finish it… If anyone has any other recommendations, I’m all ears! Pop it in the comments! 

End this on something you’d like to tell the world about LGBT – OUR COMMUNITY ACCEPTS EVERYONE, there is no need to judge us, because i can tell you now we will not judge you. Wake up, make new queer friends and LIKE it because we will be the bestest friends you could every ask for. If everyone was as open minded and as accepting as our community, the world would be a better place!🏳️‍🌈 

P.s i also need more gay friends so HMU on my social links below!!! 

I hope this was as enjoyable to read as it was to write. It makes you realise how thankful we should be for the LGBT community. Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Have a gay day!🏳️‍🌈😛


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