Top 5 Places to Visit in Europe!

I’m the first to admit that, much to my dismay, i haven’t been EVERYWHERE in Europe. But i have been lucky enough to travel to a few places in my almost 20 years of life.
If you know me, or have followed me on social media for a few years, you would know that i have this obsession with cruising. Not just because of the huge floating hotels you get to stay on, but also because you get to see as many as eight places in one two week holiday. Its heaven😍 And cruising has given me the chance to visit so many great places in the Mediterranean, whereas on a land holiday that would be eight different plane tickets, eight different hotels. On a cruise, you have one comfy bed, no luggage limit, and you wake up in a different place every day, whether it be open water or a new port. Whats not to like?

So here it is, my personal top 5 favourite towns/capitals/ports i have visited in Europe!

  1. Gibraltar

1Probably not the first place you thought i would choose😂 But i have been visiting Gibraltar for years and i have loved it every time. My reason is probably more because of the shopping side of things, the street must be at least a mile long, full of jewellers, perfume shops, clothes shops, techy shops, you name it, its there. Even those great touristy shops to what my dad likes to call “shit on a stick” shops, you’ll have to ask him why😂 Oh, did i mention that everything is DUTY FREE. 1.1One of my favourite shops is called Bijou Brigitte, they sell what i call junk jewellery, but is really good quality, and highly sparkly which is a bonus! Other than shopping, the one thing a lot of people do is go on a tour up to the Rock of Gibraltar, we’ve always sworn off going up there, even though the views would look great on instagram, the top of the rock is full of Barbary Macaques… also known as Monkeys😂 Even though they look cute, they are cheeky. They will steal your food, they will steal your glasses, they will poop on you, but i guess cuteness over powers that for some people, not me, i am not losing my glasses and being blind for the rest of the holiday.😛

2. Villefranche-sur-Mer

2.1I chose Villefranche not because of the shopping or the food, but the scenery. I chose this picture because its hilarious.😂 Thats our ship in the background, and we were currently on a tender boat. You have to tender into some ports on smaller boats because the water is too shallow for the big ships. And as you can see, it would have been a perfect picture, if SOMEONE was sitting their ass down… thanks dude…2When you think of the French Riviera, you would probably think Cannes; lots of designer shops and big yachts and people that look at you shocked because they see you’re wearing polyester😂 But Villefranche was very different, every little street looked so oldie worldy, with tiny little boutiques that sold home made jewellery, soaps and trinkets.  It made a change to just walk around and take pictures instead of going in loads of shops. I bet these poor families have no idea that their home is now on some random English girls blog😛2.2This is my favourite picture of them all, this was basically the view of the whole town. Not a lot to do, but my photo nerd self sure was happy with my snaps📸

3. Barcelona

3What says welcome to Spain more than sangria?😂 This was taken in La Boqueria, which is a very famous market in Las Ramblas which is probably the most famous part of Barcelona. If your ever go to Barcelona, make sure to stop by this market, you can’t miss it as it will be PACKED. They sell everything from sangria, sweets, macaroons, fruit smoothies, fancy nuts to fish, long ass sausages and lamb heads. Yeah, weird set up but you’ve gotta see it to believe it! One thing i will say is that its bloody EXPENSIVE, so watch out if you’re a spender like me.😛3.1No you’re not seeing things, that glass is bigger than usual.😛 This was one of the many outside cafes that run along Las Ramblas, we make sure to always sit and have a drink in every port, but they don’t usually come up four times the size of a normal glass! Im sure mine was ice tea, which for some reason, tastes so much better abroad? Las Ramblas also have a really good market, which i think is there every day. Just a tip, watch out for the rings, they are beautiful and usually sterling silver, sold for very cheap. Its safe to say i have a few of my own😛 There’s also painters that will paint you a portrait to take home, calligraphers, magicians. All local people that come out to make a little money, but you get to keep the memoirs, i love it!

4. Palma de Majorca

4.1Most definitely one of the most popular places for holiday makers, and i get why! Palma is a very safe place in Spain, great for families. This part of Palma isn’t usually where tourists go, they usually head over to Palma Nova beach, but i am NOT a beach person, why on earth would you want to get sand in your shoes, and have to wear them again when they’re all gritty inside? There is no way you’re going to get every grain of sand out, what a waste of shoe!😛 Anyways, rant over; this part of town is beautiful, lots of open space, a few market stalls, singers, dancers, and my personal favourite… the lookie lookie men. That sounds strange but it really not😂 You get them in most popular towns, they are men that sell fake designer handbags, belts and purses. I am not ashamed to say that i have fake chanel, prada, michael kors handbags! They are shockingly great quality and you normally get them for around 12-15 euros, but don’t be fooled, they will start their prices at around 30 euros, so barter barter barter!!😛4Apart from bartering, their is some very pretty gardens too, this one was my favourite.

5. Cadiz

5.1Cadiz is an ancient port city in south west Spain, and this is their cathedral! Im not a church goer but i mean its so pretty you’re just drawn in!😛 Cadiz is one of my favourites because everything is so bright. All the buildings are white and pastel pinks and blues, its just very different to the usual places. We also always visit a frozen yogurt shop on Cadiz, i don’t know why, its just tradition now😛 But its very refreshing after walking around for a while. You can probably tell from past places that i love a market, and Cadiz’s is one in the same. One year i bought a compact mirror and a lovely old man engraved my name into the back, how cute! 5These are the buildings that i love. You feel like you’re in a barbie movie! I love pastels, they just look so clean and aesthetic! Another great place for great pictures. Not as many shops and bars, but a lot of picturesque buildings, plants, and markets. Sounds great to me!

So there you go, my top 5! I really enjoyed sharing my experiences with you, i love travelling and i should really blog about my travels more often, maybe this is the time to start!

Whats your favourite travel destination? Comment below!⬇️

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Happy Travelling!

💋💋 Soph

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