The Girlfriend Tag! (Lesbian Edition)

This weeks post has a very special guest writer. Can you guess who it is?😛

For any of you who don’t know, i am part of the LGBTQIA+ community, the L in particular, and i have a beautiful girlfriend called Sureena, Ree for short. We decided to do this post because we don’t really share a lot about ourselves on other social media, so we thought we’d let our friends and followers get to know us a little better🤗 So i chose some questions at random, I’m going to answer the odds as S, and Ree is going to answer the evens as R. Just so theres no confusion with us both being S’s😋 Also, if you have any other questions for us, make sure to comment below, all you need is to be signed into your gmail/google account! So without further a due… lets go!

1. Describe how/where you met each other

S: So this is an embarrassing one to start with… we met on TINDER. I don’t think you can get worse than that! Even more embarrassing to think that we were both lonely enough to go ON tinder😂 But even so, i don’t regret it, i wouldn’t have met her otherwise!😋 Even weirder, we met in November of last year, so 2016, we then didn’t speak for the whole of December, the we got back talking and got together in January, but we didn’t meet until March! We was in a long distance internet relationship for two months!! And now she lives with me!

2. What did you first notice about each other? 

R: When i met Sophie the most amazing thing that appealed to me was her smile, it would light me up like new lights on a christmas tree. Butterflies are the most memorable thing about ‘The first time we met’ I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful and just perfect she was going to make me and my life. I know for a fact i was giving Sophie the same feeling, especially when she’s told me the first time she experienced butterflies was meeting me for the very first time😋

3. Where was your first date? 

S: I guess you could call our first date as the day we met. I used to work on the tills in Primark, and i knew she was travelling to my work to come and pick me up at 3 o’clock. I was serving someone and she made me jump out of my skin! She was staring at me from opposite the tills! And the first thing i said to my friend next to me was “she’s much better looking in person!”😋 But i guess out first official date was in Nando’s, so cliche😋 This was the first photo we ever took! And guess who we sent it to? My Mum!😋

4. Who was the first to verbally say “I Love You”? 

R: I’ll admit, i was the first to express my love for Sophie, knowing it was far too early. I couldn’t help but to justify myself, i didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this. Something i thought i was never going to achieve at this moment in time, so yes, I did say it first and still i have no regrets to this day. I think Sophie thought it was a little fast, she teased me so many times, bragging about how i express my love to others so easily but find it so hard to express it to her still😋

 5. When and where was your first kiss?

S: Once again, on the day we met! We walked to the bus stop and Ree sat down, and i stood between her legs, she did this pouty face as to say ‘kiss me right now’ (which she still does to this day) so i leant down and kissed her, but after a few seconds i had to pull away, i told her it was because i had a blocked nose and couldn’t breathe through it, but really i was so nervous that i couldn’t breathe😂

6. Were either of you out before you got together? 

R: I was out, i came out to my mother around twelve years old and my father around sixteen years old, both were aware of my little love encounter with Sophie but i wanted to keep all details to myself as i was very worried about falling in love again. Properly this time, with patients and romance to it, Anyway, I’m getting myself carried away, Sophie’s parents were not aware that my little brown self existed at all. She actually went away on holiday for her mums birthday and she had to hide her phone from them to show she was talking to me. Not long after that she told her mum & then once we got together we went to meet her dad, i was terrified but all is well.😋

7. How do you and your girlfriend define your sexuality?

S: We both identify as Lesbian. Before i was with Ree, i did identify as bisexual, but now i can never see myself with anyone else, no matter the gender, so i identify as Lesbian/Gay. Even when i did identify as bisexual, i never felt comfortable with guys, i found girls more attractive, and this relationship just works, its comfortable and I’ve never had that, so I’m v appreciative of her😋 Both Ree and I say that both men, women, non binary people are attractive, we say ‘he’s hot, she’s hot’ on a regular basis, and we both get jealous, and then agree with each other, its just a routine we’ve gotten used to😋

8. What nationality is your girlfriend? 

R: Sophie is White British whereas i am British Asian which means, i was born in Kent, England, but my grandparents and my great grandparents were born in Delhi, India. My parents would go out to travel to the capital of India at a young age but still i haven’t been to visit, hopefully planning to do so soon.

9. How do you usually spend time together? 

S: Well we live together, and we work together, so we are basically together 24/7, and believe it or not, we both love it! Heres us at work, bartender and chef assistant, you can imagine what the hospitality is going to be like when we have friends over, i think even they’ll leave a tip!😂

10. Do you have any pet names for each other? 

R:  We have many pet names, some are seriously catchy and sometimes i can make them come across as a little joke but the most ones are ‘Baby, Babe, Boo’. But the jokey ones are my favourite as they describe the little things i love about her like her Bum. Mann it is truly something, so therefore her name would be ‘Sweet Cheeks’ or if I’m annoyed at her its something along the lines of ‘Sophiepoos’ Nothing too special there😂

11. What is your girlfriends favourite and least favourite food? 

S: Ree’s favourite is by far, 100% Lasagne. And her least, anything with vegetables😂 My favourite is anything Mexican, and i don’t really have a least favourite.

12. What is your ‘couple song’? 

R: Im so glad i got to do this question, we have many couple songs but our favourite ones have a little story to go with it. One of them is ‘Lights down low by Max Schneider, This one was sent by Sophie to me because it described her feelings for me when we were going through the rough times of our relationship, it really pulled us through and became a favourite of ours. The next one would be one of my favourites, something i really want us to have at our wedding its called ‘Soldier by Gavin DeGraw, honestly this song is the bomb. I really enjoy this other song which was really hard for me to show Sophie as it was quite a heart breaking song to show her as i thought of it and listened to it when i was mostly alone & trying to piece together our relationship. Its called King by Lauren Aquilina.

13. What is your girlfriends favourite TV Show? 

S: Oh Jesus, this is difficult. I know she likes Friends, and Family guy, but we watch a lot of Netflix, so if we’re going by Netflix shows, it could be Riverdale, Orange is the new Black, or Dexter😂

14. What is one item on your girlfriends bucket list? 

R: I don’t know this very well as we’ve never specified that she wanted to put things on her bucket list whereas i would say, ‘This is something i really want to do, can we do it?’ I know she would like to travel to NewYork and do numerous amounts of shopping, more than usual. But i also know as something she’d like to do is travel related just like me, i’ve heard she would like to go on Safari and stay in a room on stilts. , but because the wildlife is underneath the hotel is lifted upon stilts so no one gets eaten.

15. Who is most likely to burst into song?

S: Definitely me, i can’t help it! Ree is always playing music, mostly good music, so i can’t not sing! Who doesn’t?!

16. Have you ever taken a vacation together? If so, Where? 

R: We have never been somewhere out in the world on our own, i haven’t got a passport yet but my first vacation will be with her as she means so much to me, i want to go somewhere with a beautiful surroundings and to be treated with respect, put my feet up and get caramelised by the sun. I think Sophie will enjoy it with me, she’s a picture person so when we do go on a vacation we’ll be sure to show and tell you how it goes. Im not entirely sure where yet, but we’ll let you know when the time comes that we can agree on a place.

17.  Does your girlfriend drink alcohol? If so, what is her drink of choice? 

S: Ree likes a drink or two, or 12. She doesn’t usually drink spirits, as once i made her drink a pornstar martini pitcher and she was GONE within the span of half an hour😋 She likes beer the most, either Fosters or Corona i think are her favourites. See, she always has a beer in hand😋

18. Have you discussed having children?

R: Me and Sophie have discussed having children but i only want two children whereas she wants four, forgetting that we have to pay a lot of money to have 3 tries at having a go at it, we hope they make a way for two ladies to have a child in the future. Boys names we are still struggling with, but girls seems pretty easy, Although i don’t plan to spoil too much of our future but we’re wishing for two boys & two girls theres no more i can say.😋

19. Describe your girlfriend in one word

S: Loving💕

20. Give some relatable relationship advice

R: Im useless at this but the honest thing i would say is, It doesn’t matter where in the world you meet someone, whether its on social media or somewhere online or even a holiday, theres always something that is going to work out for you & yes it will be hard but if you want something so bad, you’ll do anything to chase your dreams. Happiness is always right around the corner no matter what may go wrong in your current life. I wish the best of luck to all the different kinds of people and sexualities in the world.

So i hope you we didn’t bore you with our gay ass stories😂 We really enjoyed writing this together, it was nice to see what each other would write, some of it was surprisingly accurate😂

If you’re in a relationship, answer somme of these questions with your girlfriend/boyfriend in the comments; we’d love to get to know our readers a little better!

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